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Transfer Admission

Western Wyoming Community College will accept credit earned (in semester hours) from other accredited two-year and four-year colleges in the United States. Academic status at the time of admission and credits acceptable toward an Associate of Arts Degree, Associate of Fine Arts Degree, Associate of Nursing, Associate of Science Degree, and Associate of Applied Science Degree, or a certificate program, will be determined by Registration & Records. A maximum of 50 semester hours of transfer credit may be accepted toward WWCC degrees.

In addition to the requirements for degree or certificate students, policies relating to transfer admissions are as follows:

  1. Students must submit official copies of transcripts from each institution attended.
  2. Credit is accepted from accredited institutions as listed in the American Council on Education’s Accredited Institutions of Post-Secondary Educa¬≠tion.
  3. Transcript evaluations are completed for students who are accepted for admission. (Walk-ins or late applicants will not be evaluated until after the add period is over.) The transcript evaluation indicates which coursework is equivalent to WWCC courses as well as courses accepted under general divisions (i.e. History of Germany would be accepted as a history elective course even though the College doesn’t have a direct equivalent). Questions about equivalency are referred to the appropriate department for determination.
  4. All coursework completed by the student is listed on the WWCC transcript, although only 50 credit hours may be applied toward the WWCC degree or certificate program. Fifteen hours must be completed through WWCC to meet graduation requirements.
  5. Transfer coursework with grades of ‘D’ or better will transfer to WWCC except for freshman English, U.S. Government, the first college-level math and lab science. GPA does not transfer or add into the WWCC cumulative (CUM). For those graduates who complete less than half of their credit at WWCC, the previous cumulative GPA's will be added into the WWCC CUM GPA to determine that a 2.00 GPA has been maintained.
  6. WWCC does not accept religion courses.
  7. Students may be required to submit course descriptions to prove equivalency if the content of any course is not readily apparent or a catalog is not on file with Registration & Records.
  8. Credit from an institution on the quarter system is converted to semester hours (one quarter hour equals two-thirds of a semester hour). Fractions of hours are not rounded up.
  9. Transfer coursework completed more than ten years ago is subject to review. All credit will transfer and will fulfill general education requirements. Prerequisite courses and courses requiring current knowledge for specialized and technical certificates or degrees will not be accepted. Students may challenge or retake these courses. Examples of specialized or technical requirements include:
    1. Degree coursework (i.e. computer science courses for a student receiving an A.S. degree in Computer Science).
    2. Any technical or specialized skill course required for a certificate program.
    3. Courses requiring current knowledge prior to entry into the Nursing program (i.e. Anatomy and Physiology).
  10. Students transferring U.S. Government courses from out-of-state will still be required to complete the Wyoming Government requirements for graduation.
  11. Once a student submits an official transcript to WWCC, it becomes the property of the College and will not be released to a third party. If the student wants a copy of his/her record from another institution, he/she must request it directly from the college attended. This protects the student’s rights as well as the credibility and integrity of the other institution and its transcripts.
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